Ovarian Cancer

UPDATE: Thank you for the love and support

Hi, everyone! We’re so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. We have received more than we ever thought in two days.


My mom was scheduled to see her naturopathic doctor this weekend but unfortunately, it’s been moved to Tuesday. The wait is killing me. We use the knowledge of alternative doctors -AND- her oncologist to decide what to do going forward. We have a general idea what we’d like to do but this appointment is to help us finalize a plan.

We’ve all been so low emotionally. It was almost heartbreaking when the doctor called to reschedule. We’re so ready to go and do what it takes but of course, there’s so much waiting involved in between.

We’re still waiting on a surgery date. Hopefully we’ll know by this week.

Lastly, I’m thinking of participating in my first walk. Ovarian Cancer Canada runs The Walk of Hope all across the nation. I’m thinking that the entire family should participate. I’ll put the two youngest kids in a stroller and my eldest can walk! 🙂 But of course, it all depends on how my mom is doing after her surgery.

Thank you again for the love and support.

God bless!

(Click here to donate: http://gofundme.com/PeachyDaye)


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