Ovarian Cancer

UPDATE: To chemo or not to chemo, that is the question…

I know we promised an update immediately after my mom’s last appointment, but I’ve not been feeling so great myself. Not because I’m sick but, I just feel emotionally drained. So, I apologize.

My mom has been toying with the idea of refusing the surgery. She hasn’t verbalized her reasons why. Personally, I think she’s scared because she was so sick before her first surgery that her recovery took months. And it’s like she’s still recovering today, and she’s being hit with another surgery. But, she’s going in to this so much healthier than before. Her estimated recovery time is only several days, compared to months with her last surgery.

My mom and her naturopathic doctor had a heart-to-heart and I think he convinced her that it’s going to be her best chance of beating it.

You go in, you take it out – you know it’s gone. Even if there’s residual cells, you know at least, that big thing – the tumour – it’s gone.

I love him. I think it’s great that he uses the best of both worlds, naturopathy and conventional, and reads all the research. I always tell people that I think he saved her life (along with her conventional doctors, of course). But at least he doesn’t advise her to do something crazy, like forego conventional treatments, when research shows it’s probably best.

Anyway, don’t fear. I think it’s natural to have these feelings. Surgery is no walk in the park. She signed the papers, and the surgery is being scheduled. And said she’s probably going to do it. I think she just needs time to digest her new diagnoses.

Thank you to everyone who has generously given over the past week. We almost reached $1,000 in less than 24 hours, and surpassed that mark in only a few days. Your generosity is appreciated. And again, if you’re unable to donate, please share the link, and share my mom’s story. The further it goes, the more money we’ll raise.

I’ve got so many ideas to help my mom. I started with some teal daffodil cupcakes that I made and am selling at work. I’m going to see if we could even sell them wholesale. I’m not really sure if that will fly.

I’ve also started making teal scarves that I’m planning on selling to raise money for my mom, as well.

There’s also the Walk of Hope in Oakville/Burlington that I’d like to participate in September.

Finally, my mom’s turning 60 in October so, I’ve got some ideas on planning an awesome teal/daffodil themed 60th birthday bash.

My brain hasn’t stopped churning out ideas since we got the news. Last time, we were like deer in headlights. We were so shocked we didn’t know where to start. Since this is our second time around, we’re going at it hard.

Finally, there’s a bittersweet feeling you get once you’re ready to share your journey with the world.

I know it was never my story to share. But once my mom was ready to put it out there, there was an overwhelming flood of support. You realize that there are so many people who understand what you’re going through because they have gone or are going through it themselves.

It’s amazing to not feel alone. But it’s also sad to know there are so many people sick out there who need help. The research isn’t enough. There’s never enough money. There’s never enough treatments.

And that’s no one’s fault, per se.

Medicine has progressed so much in the past few years alone. But there’s still so much we don’t know.

Whether you call it God, The Universe or science – you sort of have to come to a place where you just put your faith out there and say, “Help us beat this.”

Thank you again for your love, support and donations. Let’s try and raise $2,000 this week!

(Click here to donate: http://gofundme.com/PeachyDaye)



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