Ovarian Cancer

UPDATE: Finally, a surgery date!

Thank God for Fridays. I don’t know about you, but I get a distinct feeling around NOON that I’ve been running a marathon and the finish line is so close. It gives me an extra boost of energy to finish the day off.

It’s definitely been an eventful week. The fundraising efforts kind of slowed down as my energy level dropped but I didn’t have much news until today.

It turns out that the hospital “misplaced” my mom’s surgery package/consent to surgery forms so, they never scheduled her for surgery. That’s why they hadn’t returned any of our phone calls. As far as they were concerned, I was just some crazy person asking for a surgery no one ever consented to. But, after involving patient relations, we got all the doctors involved to sit down and clarify that there was in fact a CT done, a consult discussing surgery, and surgery forms were actually signed but were lost by someone at the hospital. So, we resent new forms, and my mom’s been scheduled for debulking surgery on Monday, Aug. 17. My mom went a couple of days again where she refused to sign the forms, which really stressed me out but all the forms are in and surgery is scheduled so, now we play the pre-op game where my mom needs to see a bunch of doctors because her medical history is so complicated.

She’ll also have to see the naturopathic doctor again who will put her on a surgery regiment and a post-surgery regiment to avoid recurrence.

Despite our financial troubles, I’ve not touched the money we’ve raised because I promised it would go towards my mom’s treatment and it will. This is the week when we’ll have to start dipping into those resources and as much as I appreciate everyone’s contribution, it’s sort of a point of anxiety for me.

Alternative treatments to supplement the surgery aren’t going to be cheap. And I constantly fear I won’t be able to provide the care my mom deserves. But, again, I am trying to be positive. I’m so thankful to all of you for your love and support, both financial and emotional.

Back to Fridays. I’m so glad it’s the weekend. It’s the calm before the storm. It’s the last two days of peace before the marathon that is the week before and after surgery.

Now, to say I worry is an understatement. It’s been a tough couple of weeks. A lot of people are away, business has been slow, cash flow has been low, I’d been fighting with the hospital about my mom’s care, I’ve been working on both my dad and mom’s estate, talking to lawyers, conducting business, and I’m tired. Just. So. Tired.

I know, I know. I’m not the one battling cancer. I hate to make this about me. There’s just so much that has to be done.

My mom looks great. Everyone keeps saying so. She’s got a glow. She seems healthy on the outside. It’s hard to believe there’s a storm brewing inside her tiny body. My mom doesn’t share her feelings often but I think she’s worried about the surgery but, she’s got a good surgeon. I have faith she will do as good, if not a better job than last time.

Thank you again for all the love and support. Don’t forget to click like and share. We appreciate all the help!

(Click here to donate: http://gofundme.com/PeachyDaye)



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