Ovarian Cancer

UPDATE: Mom released from hospital

Great news! My mom was released from hospital only three days after her surgery and she’s healing nicely at home. She’s been walking around and was off the heavy pain meds immediately after she was released.

I’m glad she didn’t have to stay at the hospital too long. When battling an illness like cancer, you want to be able to have nutritious meals and the hospital had her on a post-op fluid diet consisting of concentrated apple juice, MSG soup and Jello. I’m glad she’s now at home where she can pump her body full of good food.

She’s already started some alternative medicine to combat metastasis. But next week, she’s going to see her naturopathic doctor again who will start her on the more aggressive treatments.

There seems to be some differing opinions on the chemo and radiation. My mom’s oncologist insist there’s a 40-60% success rate if she does the chemo, but a colleague of hers said my mom’s cancer is chemo-resistant, with a very low chance of success. She sees the oncology team again in three weeks. She’ll have to think about chemo in the meantime — decide if she wants to do it. It’s a tough call and prayers would be appreciated.

Thank you again to everyone who has donated so far. And the warm wishes and messages are appreciated by both my mom and myself.

A few days before my mom went into hospital, we were able to have a small get-together to celebrate our daughter’s 2nd birthday. We didn’t think she’d be up for it, but my mom really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who came by. I know she loved the company. Here’s a recent pic of the kids. 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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