Ovarian Cancer

Radiation: 25 days straight of treatments

This update is part of fundraising attempts to raise money for my mom, who’s currently battling Stage IV ovarian cancer, clear cell carcinoma. She was cancer free for two years after her first surgery, but recently had another surgery. You ca read about her battle here.

My mom just had her surgery follow-up with her oncologist. It’s hard to believe a whole month as passed since she was in the hospital. It was a really long appointment (about three hours). My mom was pretty wiped at the end of it.

It turns out the tumour they removed was on a lymph node. But they said it was an isolated incident and her chances of recovery are still very good.

Knowing how my mom feels about chemo, the oncologist offered radiation instead. It’s quite aggressive: 25 STRAIGHT daily treatments, excluding weekends. Basically, five weeks straight of going back and forth to the hospital. Her naturopathic doctor agrees this is a good alternative to chemo. There’s only one condition. She must have no tumours anywhere else in her body. So, the treatment will only be started after a full body CT comes back clean. In the meantime, she’s starting on some alternative treatments.

Thank you again to all the generous donors. I’m sorry it took me so long to get around to thanking you each individually. The past few weeks have been busy. But, please know you haven’t been forgotten.

Please don’t forget to share this link and help spread the word. Alternative treatments are not cheap, but can do wonders and help my mom increase her odds of beating this.

I wanted to end with an oldie. I dug up this old photo of my mom and I that we took on the opening day of our cafe in Toronto. Circa 2009.

Have a great weekend!


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