Ovarian Cancer

UPDATE: Radiation & The Teal Party

Our dearest friends! I’m sorry for not sending out more updates. I wasn’t sure how much or how little to share but I’ve got tons of great news.

First off: My mom turned 60 last weekend and we’re celebrating with a Teal Party this Sunday! It’s been a crazy month because last Saturday was my son Charlie’s birthday, we celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday, Monday was my mom’s birthday, followed by my wedding anniversary on Thursday. But fall is one of my favourite times. It means festivals and celebrations galore from now to January. I daresay, ’tis the season! 😉

Even better news: My mom’s CT scans came back clean. Yes, totally clean! Woo-hoo! As the doctor promised, because the scans showed nothing, she’s been cleared for radiation treatment. I’m very happy with her radiology oncologist. He called us as soon as the scans came back. That actually made me nervous. I thought something was wrong but he said he just likes to be on top of things and doesn’t like to delay treatment. That made me trust him even more. I like doctors I can trust. ❤

Originally, he said he’d do radiation on the site of the last tumour, but based on the measurements and preparations taken, I think they’re going to target all areas that had been affected in the past (the abdomen area plus recurrence site). That really brought my hopes up. Radiation has a high rate of success, much better than the chemo she was originally offered so, I’m glad she consented to it and am very VERY hopeful that this will clean it all up and it will be gone for good!

Obviously, radiation can take a toll on the body and because her cancer has been so aggressive, we’re still covering our bases by supplementing the regular treatments with alternative therapies. Last weekend, I refilled some of my mom’s “prescriptions” and was nervous at the bill. I can’t thank you guys enough for your generosity. I really don’t know how I’d pay for the treatments without your help. Some of you are friends. Some of you are strangers. Regardless, love is universal and we definitely feel it from all of you.

Like I said, we’re throwing my mom a teal party this Sunday. If you want to attend, please let me know. I’m encouraging everyone to wear teal. We’ll have teal cupcakes and will also have a “love fund” donation box to help cover her alternative prescriptions.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There’s certainly been A LOT to be thankful for this year. I hope you’ve been as blessed as we have!

Lots of love to you all!

♥«´•° YOU! °•`»♥



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