Being A Mom

Playing on the grass

Have you ever been watching a scary movie where there is a kid who gets in trouble for drawing disturbing things at school? (I keep thinking of Insidious but I think he drew those at home.)


It kind of gets you thinking, “I hope my kid doesn’t draw weird things at school.” (Lol. No, this isn’t a real problem I lose sleep over but it has crossed my mind.)

Well, my daughter has been bringing piles and piles of drawings home from her days at Kindergarten. It’s awesome to see how far she’s come and how good she’s getting but then she drew this adorable photo. It made my heart melt.tumblr_o1q055wwjY1r9huy4o1_1280

She called it, “Mommy and I Playing on the Grass.”

And, well, if you’re a mom, I think you can understand why this made me pretty happy. It sure beats some of these other drawings:


Have a great weekend! ❤


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