Help bring Jason home to his family


Hi! My name is Precious. I am the wife of a U.S. Army Veteran named Jason. We have three kids together, Charles, Liberty and Alanna, and he has a son from a previous marriage. We live in Canada. We run a family business together. We financially support my mom, who is battling Stage IV Ovarian Cancer.

We are experiencing a serious family crisis and as embarassed as I am to ask, I am reaching out to the world to ask for financial help.

On Monday night/Tuesday morning, my husband — a brilliant, kind and spiritual man — went missing. He was experiencing both a physical and mental health crisis. Unfortunately, in a confused state, he managed to drive down to his father’s house in Ohio and was forced to get help down there — miles away from his family and his home.


Our life is up here. His kids are up here. His job is up here. But he is currently stuck in the U.S.

This is a really tough story to write because it involves mental illness. People sometimes have a hard time believing in something that they can’t simply see and point to and say, “Oh, that needs medical attention.”

My husband, Jason, is a good man but unfortunately, right now, he is having a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what is not.

We don’t know this for sure but, it appears he had gone for some time with an undiagnosed thyroid problem. It’s likely that this physical issue, along with his family’s medical history and other stressors in his life, triggered something. We are still trying to figure out what.

At some point, we would like to have him repatriated — even if that means being treated up here and not necessarily just being released into the public. But in the meantime, he is “stuck” there.

The most pressing thing is that Jason and I both work full-time. Usually both of us work. He hasn’t been able to work so, we are struggling financially as a result. As I mentioned previously, not only do we have to support ourselves and our three kids, but I’d like to continue to cover the child support for his eldest son and to cover my mom’s cancer fund. There is a lot at stake.

Because of how he was apprehended and forced to get help, some of his medical expenses will be covered. However, there are some that may not be. He is a U.S. Army Veteran but he never made any attempts to sign up with Veteran Affairs (VA) after he was discharged so, at this point, it is unclear whether some of his care will be covered by the VA. Regardless, there are medical costs to consider.

If he is released into the community, he may not be allowed to come home to Canada right away. This will mean having to make alternate accomodations for him down there as his restrictions/treatment requirements are met.

We may be able to repatriate him and have him treated in Canada, however, there are legal obstacles we need to tackle to make that happen which, costs money.

There are a lot of other basic things that are costing money: Gas for when we make the six-hour drive to visit him and come home; long-distance phone fees; cost of traveling in general; hiring a lawyer to ensure his rights are met and he is being medically taken care of down in the States, as I try to keep things together up here in Canada; There’s just too many things to list.

This is a very confusing time for my kids. They know their dad is sick. They know he is in the hospital. They don’t understand why he is in a hospital that is so far away and why they haven’t seen him for so long.


We hope you consider helping our family. It would mean more than you all know. We are extremely thankful for those who have already reached out and offered help — not just financial help, but their friendship, food, prayers and much more.

Thank you for sharing this difficult journey with us. God bless! ❤


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