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UPDATE: Help when you are able

I don’t have any good news yet. However, I have been sharing what I call “lessons” my husband has taught me, on Facebook. And I thought in the absence of updates, I would share them with all of you. I may not share them in the original order I had written them. Hence the numbers not being chronological. I hope these warm your hearts as they comfort me through these difficult times. -Precious ❤

Lesson #4: Help when you are able. We were eating at The Keg one night when we spotted a homeless guy. Jason was out for a smoke and struck up a conversation with him. He found out the at he had just been kicked out by his wife and all he had was whatever was in his backpack. He invited him inside to have dinner with us, which upset me. I thought it was weird. I thought he smelled awful. And then afterward, it started raining so he invited him to sit in our car for a bit. When it was time to go, he gave him whatever food he had in the car including two bags of his favourite dry-roasted peanuts, and a little bit of cash. Had we not had children at the time, I think he would have asked him to sleep on our couch. I thought we were gonna get taken advantage of. I’m always suspicious of people who ask for money but, this guy didn’t ask for money. He asked for food. Maybe he was lying. Maybe he wasn’t. But, I’m sure he will always remember what Jason did for him that night.


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