#BringJasonHome · Love & Marriage

UPDATE: I can FINALLY see Jason!

I will FINALLY be allowed to see him this weekend. I could see him sooner, however, I have to work. Last week, I kept dropping everything to try and see him only to be turned away. It cost me a lot of missed business at work. This time, it’s pre-arranged and confirmed. By the time I see him, it would have been 12 days since I last saw him. The kids will not be allowed to see him and that’s okay. I’m not sure they should see him in hospital. Alanna in particular has been through Dennis being in a coma and my mom being hospitalized for cancer so, I know it’s not easy for her. Please pray that nothing happens and plans don’t change. Let me leave you with another lesson.

Lesson #5: Jason always believed that we are all one. One mind. One body. We are all part of one whole. We have different talents and different “roles” but we are bound together. Call it God. Call it the holy spirit. There is something that binds us all. It was very important to him to treat others how he wanted to be treated because he believes that doing wrong to another is the same as doing wrong to yourself.


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