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UPDATE: Give unconditionally

I haven’t posted an update for 10 days because I was waiting for what I thought was going to be good news. I really thought I was going to have good news for you guys today. But no, I have not so great news. I’m tired. I feel extremely defeated. Please, just watch the video I made today. I apologize for the jumping around. I was in shock when I made the video.

I haven’t shared a “lesson” in a while so, let me share this one with you. I want to try and stay positive despite how horrible all of this has been.

Lesson #6: Jason went through a phase when he was obsessed with canes. We had just trimmed the beautiful Birch in front of our home at the time and he picked out a beautiful naturally-cane-shaped piece. He worked on this thing for weeks. He painted it. He sanded it. He refinished it. It was beautiful. He always told me I could have it when he died (from old-age, that is).

One day, he was walking in the park and he spotted a senior struggling to walk. He was leaned over a park bench and he was clearly struggling. Jason walked over, handed his cane to him and said, “Here, you can have this.” The man was so grateful.

This thing was a labour of love. And he easily gave it to someone who needed it. He didn’t hesitate. It didn’t break his heart to part with it. I remember being upset that he had let go of something I had grown sentimentally attached. But looking back, I think that was a beautiful gesture. Yet another stranger whose life Jason touched.

These are the moments most people don’t see. The moments that show me why I know I made the right choice in marrying this BEAUTIFUL SOUL.


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