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UPDATE: Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



Sorry I haven’t provided updates. I was so tired by the time Christmas Day came, I gave up and pushed it a day. We pretended Christmas Day was Christmas Eve and opened presents on Boxing Day.

One of my husband’s friends and his wife gave us a small turkey and stuffing that I cooked. Another friend generously donated the stocking stuffers while an old friend from high school coordinated anonymously-donated Christmas presents for the kids. It was amazing. The generosity was overwhelming.

Alanna’s school also gifted us a box of food, a gift card and four hot meals during winter break.

We are so touched by everyone’s love and support. It has carried us through this tough chapter of our lives. I’m sorry if I forgot to thank anyone. It’s unintentional.

Not much has changed. Jason was released from the psychiatric facility but was taken back to jail to face the charges you probably saw on the news and in the previous update. I’ve been saving up to bond him out but am not sure when that will be as it’s such a large amount.

But we are trying really hard to be positive.

I realize this picture is two weeks old now and is kinda late but I still wanted to share it.

And also, here is our Christmas video from last year.

We hope you all have a blessed New Year.

Happy 2017!


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