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UPDATE: We’ve surpassed $2,000 — Thank you!


First off, I updated the page’s description on Thursday. Within a couple of hours, we surpassed $2,000 in donations. This was largely due to Tim and his family, who gave us a generous donation of $270. I can’t thank them enough as we weren’t sure we’d have enough money to go down and visit Jason this week.

We’re supposed to be in Ohio today but the psych facility is on lockdown as rumour is, someone used their car to destroy the fence of a locked outdoor patient area. I don’t know what the reasoning was there but I think all they managed to do was commit what I think is a felony and prevented the rest of us from visiting our loved ones. Urgh.

Also, Jason’s second sanity assessment was completed yesterday. It’s my understanding that they just need to type up the official report and submit it to court which means Jason will likely be moved back to jail shortly. I’m a little concerned as they just switched his meds. He’s suffering serious side effects from his original anti-psychotics so, they decided to switch them out. It’s kind of scary to be put on new meds and then sent back to jail. The doctor asked me to pay attention to make sure the meds are working. Of course I will but, it’s frustrating that the responsibility to care for him seems to fall on my shoulders even when he’s in someone else’s custody. Please pray that his new meds are fine as we all know the kind of horrible things that can happen to a mentally ill defendant who decompensates in jail. I’m positive he’s fine but, my head always goes to the worst-case scenarios.

I was pleasantly surprised and extremely grateful that the doctor called me and interviewed me as part of the sanity assessment. Jason’s first psychiatrist in December put a lot of weight on the history I provided and used it to help diagnose and treat Jason. I feel like anything I have to say has been pretty much ignored since then (except for Veteran’s Affairs — I feel like they get it). Since we’ve been together 8 years, I feel like I should be taken more seriously so, I appreciate her listening to the backstory. I think it’s important to show the court that Jason did seek help prior to his “disappearance,” that there was what to me was an obvious decline that mental health professionals and police ignored, that this didn’t just happen “out of nowhere” meaning he’s NOT a loose cannon that will just explode at anytime. Now, I don’t know how much of what I have to say will end up on the official record but, I’m still grateful for the opportunity.

Once the report is submitted, there must be a hearing within 10 days. So, hopefully, Jason’s case will start moving again sometime in the next two weeks. The last 2+ weeks have been rough especially since he spent 8 days in jail and his case can’t really move forward until this second assessment is submitted. We felt stagnant and helpless to change it.

I also asked the doctor’s opinion about recidivism. She said that when he’s diagnosed and medicated, and his symptoms are under control, the risk of another episode is quite low. Obviously, the fear is that he would come off his meds and decompensate. If that happened, the risk of another episode would be high. I can’t remember if I’ve told you guys before or not but his VA psychiatrist had suggested switching him to a monthly injection that has to be administered by a doctor. The responsibility of his meds would be the doctor’s, not just Jason’s. This way, someone else — other than me — knows if he’s missed a dose. These are things we already anticipated and addressed even before the courts asked. I just wish that someone would acknowledge how proactive he’s been and weigh the advantages of care versus incarceration during recovery.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got today. Thank you again for the generous donations. I mentioned in the new write-up that I am looking for a used chest of drawers. I’m willing to go and pick it up.

Thank you for the prayers and support everyone. I will leave you all with Jason’s army headshot circa 2003, I think. Lol. I can’t believe how much time has gone by. Have a wonderful weekend!


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