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UPDATE: Jason graduating to level 2!

Being Torontonians in the Cleveland area during the Spring sports season it’s pretty interesting. Lol!

From GoFundMe: Gonna try and keep this short and sweet. 🙂

When Jason was admitted, he was admitted to the first available bed, which wasn’t the unit he was meant to stay in. We had set up all these medical appointments with the VA but unfortunately, he was moved and all the proper paperwork was not put through so, his medical appointments got postponed.

Anyway, he was finally properly assessed and cleared to go to his appointments on Friday. They decided to kill two birds with one stone and expedited him to Level 2 (since the forensic team was coming out to clear him to go to medical appointments, they decided to do the level 2 assessment, also). The paperwork isn’t written up yet but, we’re told he got the thumbs up.

There are 5 levels for him to work through before conditional release into the community, and a couple more levels after that before his case is fully closed.

Level 1: Can only stay in his hospital unit.

Level 2: Can leave the unit, supervised. Can have visitation from minors (he can finally see his kids).

Level 3: Can leave the unit, unsupervised. He can get a job in the hospital (i.e. cleaning, etc.).

Level 4: Can leave the hospital for day trips.

Level 5: Released to a group home.

It really comes down to each patient. Some people are at Level 5 but have been there for several years. Some are already at Level 5 and they’ve only been there for a year. After speaking to Jason’s treatment team, it seems as though they are optimistic about Jason. Those of you who know — REALLY KNOW — Jason, know what a kind-hearted, gentle soul he is. He keeps a low profile and never gets into any trouble so, I’m optimistic he’ll be home sooner, rather than later.

In terms of fundraising, we are getting so close to $3,000 but are still a little short. I’d really appreciate any help with travel expenses as the US dollar rose drastically. It’s now $1.40 CDN per $1 US. Also, I’d like to try and put together some money for his eldest child, Kyle.

Thank you for all the support. It’s so encouraging to continue to receive love and financial assistance from the community. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Alanna just turned 6 last month. We’ve been putting off her birthday party for almost 2 months, with Jason having two hearings within a week of her birthday. We’re hoping to finally throw her a much-anticipated party before June and end this month on a high note.

Oh, and also (I feel awful always asking for money) but Alanna is participating in Jump Rope for Heart, for the second year in a row. Again, she’s jumping in memory of Grandpa Dennis. If you’d like to donate, you can do so through her Heart & Stroke Foundation page: http://support.heartandstroke.ca/goto/IJumpForMyGrandpa.

Thank you, God bless and have a wonderful week!


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