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365: Write about your perfect day in exactly one year’s time


Wow. That’s a deep one given our current situation but OK. Challenge accepted. I’ll try not to tear up while I write this. Let’s move it up a couple of days to Sunday, May 13, 2018: Mother’s Day.

I will wake up in the morning. Hopefully, I slept in — even if it’s for only 30 minutes.

Jason and Alanna have probably snuck out of the house to go buy me a pack of Kit-Kats (Alanna seems to think this is my favourite chocolate — it’s actually Twix but hey, I’ll eat any brand of chocolate — LOL!) and a pot of pink phalaenopsis orchids. Jason’s probably left me a cheesy greeting card.

When he gets back, he uses up all the dishes in the kitchen trying to make me my favourite breakfast meal: Eggs Benedict. He will use all the eggs he needs to make a perfectly poached egg. I will get mad that he’s wasting our organic groceries.

He will carefully fry up some bacon. He’ll probably be topless so, the oil will splatter and he’ll burn himself. I will nag him about how he never learns.

He’ll make Hollondaise sauce from scratch. He’ll brag that he makes it better than I do, even though he’ll claim I’m the better chef.

What will take him two hours to make, will be eaten in 10 minutes.

After breakfast, we’ll pack snacks (hopefully, we won’t need a diaper bag because all the kids will be potty trained) and the stroller into the car and drive to the Toronto Zoo, where we will spend all day complaining about how far apart the exhibits are.

We’ll go up and down some ridiculous hills. Spend too much money on pizza. Then end the day on the Zoomobile.

Then, we’ll go home and we’ll start a new week. Probably an average one. Just like many other weeks before it.

FYI: This isn’t a dream. This has happened in years past. You really don’t realize how beautiful your “normal” life is until it’s taken from you.

365 is my attempt at daily journaling. I’m using a couple of different Android apps and blogs for inspiration, and picking the prompts I feel most compelled to write about. That’s probably cheating but, oh well. Lol.



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