365: Daily Journaling

365: Shuffle your iPod and list the first 10 songs

…and explain their meaning.

People still have iPods?

Anyway, I subscribe to a streaming service these days so, I decided to shuffle the last playlist I listened to. And sorry but, I’m not gonna explain their meaning to me. Some of them mean something — others, I just happened to be listening to. Lol.

  1. That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars
  2. Same Old Love by Selena Gomez
  3. Lost+ (with Jay-Z) by Coldplay
  4. Just a Fool (with Blake Shelton) by Christina Aguilera
  5. Burn by Ellie Goulding
  6. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (with Taylor Swift) by ZAYN
  7. Stay by Rihanna
  8. Cheap Thrills by Sia
  9. Chandelier by Sia
  10. This is What You Came For (featuring Rihanna) by Calvin Harris

PS: This journal prompt makes me feel like I’m a teenager again. I feel like I’ve just gone back a decade-and-half in maturity.


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