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Four years ago today… #LadyBalls


Four years ago today, I took my mom to the Sunnybrook Hospital emergency room for what I suspected was a stroke.

It turned out, she had a stroke, likely as a complication of Stage IV #OvarianCancer. Two major debulking surgeries, bilateral nephrostomy bags inserted and removed, put into palliative care, removed from palliative care, no chemo, over a month of radiation treatments and one recurrence later, she’s still with us.

Ovarian #cancer is a horrible disease. It’s often not diagnosed until it’s too late. Don’t forget to B.E.A.T. Pay attention to:

B: Bloating that’s persistent
E: Eating less but feeling fuller
A: Abdominal pain
T: Trouble with your bladder

As always, thank you to the Canadian Cancer Society for being there for us and for all the volunteers who run #WheelsOfHope.

#CancerSucks #FuckCancer #NoOneFightsAlone #FightLikeAGirl#LadyBalls #TealRibbonRoad #TealRibbon


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