365: Daily Journaling

365: 100 Ways to Make Money

List 100 ways you can make money. Watch out for exciting discoveries towards the end.

  1. Babysitting/home daycare.
  2. Joining an MLM (although that takes a lot of time and usually start-up costs).
  3. Blogging, vlogging, online social media.
  4. Bake and sell cupcakes.
  5. Buy something bulk and resell it (i.e. buy 100 scarfs off e-Bay at a cheap price, sell them at a retail price).
  6. Collect junk around your neighbourhood and re-sell.
  7. Go through your neighbours’ recycling (ask for permission, obviously). Find alcohol bottles and/or aluminum cans and take them back to their respective stores to receive a deposit refund.
  8. Do yard-work or be a handyman/handywoman for a neighbour.
  9. Work as a cashier.
  10. Make sandwiches for Subway.
  11. Deliver pizza.
  12. Grow fruits and vegetables at home and sell them at a Farmer’s Market.
  13. Cook or bake stuff at home and sell them at a Farmer’s Market.
  14. Cook or bake something, get nice labelling, take them to a store and ask them to sell it for you.
  15. Uber.
  16. Kijiji.
  17. Sign up for social assistance.
  18. Invest money, if you have it.
  19. Sell stuff you don’t need or use anymore (that sounds like no. 16, though).
  20. Sell lemonade on your driveway.
  21. Have a garage sale (I’ve only had one garage sale ever and I made almost $2,000 in one day).
  22. Sell your house if it has equity. Cha-ching.
  23. Be an exotic dancer.
  24. Be an escort.
  25. Be an exotic dancer and an escort.
  26. Stand on a street corner. (Don’t solicit. That’s illegal.)
  27. Be a motivational speaker.
  28. Desktop publishing or ad design.
  29. Be a personal assistant.
  30. Be a live-in nanny (variation of no. 1).
  31. Be a courier. Use your bike if you don’t have a car.
  32. Grow weed and sell wholesale (legally).
  33. Sell weed to consumers (legally).
  34. Become a consultant.
  35. Become a nutritionist or dietician.
  36. Join the Army.
  37. Join the Marines.
  38. Join the Navy.
  39. Join Special Forces.
  40. Be a police officer.
  41. Be a firefighter.
  42. Join EMS.
  43. Be a 9-1-1 dispatcher.
  44. Be a doctor (although I’d argue that would put you in a lot of debt before it made you money).
  45. Be a lawyer (see disclaimer after no. 44).
  46. Sue someone who deserves it.
  47. Look for a grant, bursary or scholarship if you’re a student.
  48. Look at government grants for a cause or business idea you have.
  49. Buy a house. Flip it. Sell it for more.
  50. Buy a house or car (or anything for that matter) on auction or repossession and resell it at market value (or higher).
  51. Become a nurse.
  52. Be a social worker.
  53. Be a counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist.
  54. Be a personal support worker.
  55. Sell coffee at a coffee cart.
  56. Be a street food vendor.
  57. Sell ice cream on a truck or on a cart.
  58. Offer delivery service (i.e. groceries to your door, cookies to your door, muffins to your office, etc.).
  59. Type out transcripts for a living (i.e. a lot of doctors dictate notes into a recorder and someone has to type them out).
  60. Get a social media job for a reputable business (someone has to manage those big companies’ Twitter accounts).
  61. Be a chef.
  62. Be a baker.
  63. Do stand-up comedy.
  64. Start a band and go to open mic night.
  65. Start a wedding band.
  66. Be a wedding photographer.
  67. Be a wedding planner.
  68. Be a caterer.
  69. Start an event service (i.e. provide waiters, ushers, etc.).
  70. Sell your own paintings or drawings.
  71. Go to a garage/yard sale, peruse, buy under-priced items. Re-sell them.
  72. Sell someone else’s paintings and drawings for them. Take a cut of the selling price.
  73. Distribute newspapers.
  74. Sell newspaper and magazine subscriptions (yeah, those still exist).
  75. Sell stuff door-to-door (yeah, that still happens).
  76. Be a party clown for a living.
  77. Design cars.
  78. Design houses.
  79. Design clothes.
  80. Make movies/videos.
  81. Get paid to write (that sounds like no. 3).
  82. Make sure you own all sorts of insurance policies for all sorts of possible things that could go wrong (although that could cost you more than it would make you).
  83. Take online surveys for a living.
  84. Be a secret shopper for a living (quality control).
  85. Be a secret shopper for security.
  86. Be a security guard.
  87. Be a bounty hunter.
  88. Be a bail bondsman.
  89. Sell things that people actually need (i.e. food, toiletries).
  90. Along with no. 89, start a convenience store.
  91. Along with no. 90, start a convenience delivery store (think Dollar Shave Club for other necessities).
  92. Cut and style hair.
  93. Cut and style people and clothes (huh?).
  94. Be a stunt double.
  95. Ask people to pay you to do things for them (not sexual things).
  96. Go to a temp agency and ask for a placement.
  97. Be the agent at the temp agency that gets other people placements.
  98. Join a not-for-profit organization full-time.
  99. Be a video-site partner (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.).
  100. Seriously. Just get a job. Any job will make you more money than if you DIDN’T have a job.

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