97920896_2924056897675947_4213273818279444480_oI mentioned in yesterday’s video that emotions are meant to only last 90 seconds. They peak halfway and then dissipate.

Unfortunately, we sometimes poke at our emotions. Sometimes, it’s subconscious, and we’re not even aware that we are triggering the emotion to return or stay, far longer than it’s physiologically meant to.
This could be because of years of training due to repeat exposure to trauma, changes in physiology due to PTSD, distorted core beliefs we don’t even know we hold, and a number of other factors we’ll get into later. .
I know. Feelings can be so intense that it’s difficult to understand that they are scientific. Sometimes, we make the mistake of thinking our feelings are facts. We attribute the wrong purpose to our emotions, and therefore, don’t act in a manner our #WiseMind may prefer.

I don’t like the idea of good or bad, positive or negative. Rather, each of us needs to figure out whether our emotions are driving us to an outcome we prefer.

It feels odd, even to me, to try and separate emotions from fact. It makes it seem impersonal. On the contrary, your feelings are trying to tell you something. What that emotion might tell me, might not be the same for you when you’re experiencing that same emotion.

In a couple of days, I’ll release a video on emotion dairies and how they help us dissect our emotions, and what purpose they are serving. And I’ll also touch on emotion wheels, and how an emotion you’re exhibiting might not even be the primary emotion or reaction to a trigger.

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