What the heck is Cornershop by Uber? #GigWork

If you’re interested in becoming a shopper, please use my referral link and I will definitely help you all the way through to your first 15 orders: https://cornershopapp.com/sh/fgfba7nmz.

I help admin the official Cornershop Shopper Canada Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/838605009842225/

In Canada, Cornershop operates in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. They are currently hiring in British Columbia, but they haven’t launched yet. They also operate in Texas and Florida in the U.S. I know there’s plans to launch in New York and California but I don’t know what the status is of that.

The company started in Chile, and is huge in Latin America.

I’m based out of Toronto, Ontario — Cornershop’s first major launch outside of Latin America. The operations here in Ontario are huge, so some of my experiences may not reflect those of people in newer areas.

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Next week, I’ll talk more about the onboarding process and reasons why your onboarding might have stalled.

See you then!

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