Delivering Alcohol in Ontario

How to deliver alcohol in Ontario through Instacart, Cornershop, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Skip the Dishes and Runner. We’ll talk about the Smart Serve course.

Do you do alcohol deliveries in Ontario? On what app? Do you enjoy it? How did you feel about civil and criminal liability?

(Experimenting with vertical videos because I see most of you are watching on your phones. Lol.)

I’m pretty sure that you can’t do the Smart Serve course in person right now due to the pandemic, so do it online by registering here:

Also, I checked out the places where computers are available for free, and it looks like they’re all closed right now. Check back again in a week when Ontario starts lifting the lockdown.

The LCBO has paused its relationship with Skip the Dishes and it looks like The Beer Store has also paused its relationship with Cornershop.

This isn’t a sponsorship. I just think not enough people know that you can have alcohol from the LCBO (and convenience items including fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day!) delivered in Toronto and Mississauga through Runner:

If you’re interested in becoming a shopper, use my referral code, and I will personally mentor you all the way through to your first 15 orders:

If you want to use Cornershop as a customer, use this link and you’ll receive 3 free deliveries! No membership commitment required:

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