Stay-At-Home Order, Lockdown, Motherhood & Gig Work

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s an Ontario-wide stay-at-home order.

This will be the third time since the pandemic started, that I’ve had no childcare and had to change how I balance being a mom and doing gig-work full-time.

I know I just talked about motherhood and gig work on Monday, but that was *BEFORE* I learned they were going to shut down schools, and I had childcare lined up for the foreseeable future.

Today, I’m going to discuss tips and tricks to help you get through the next few weeks of COVID-19 restrictions, especially if you’re in a region where they switched schools to online learning (I’m in Peel Region, where schools are closed until April 19, and all school-aged childcare has been shut down).

Sorry that I didn’t really explain the #DeclineNow movement. You can read about it in this Vice article:

Decline Now is a collective movement by DoorDash drivers to decline low-paying orders, forcing the algorithm to boost the payout for the next driver it’s offered to.

This actually works on other platforms, as well.

On Instacart, if a low-paying batch sits on the platform long enough, it will receive a peak boost. This is why we always tell new shoppers not to take low-paying orders.

This can work SOMETIMES on Cornershop. If a low-paying order keeps being sent to shoppers that are at a store closest to the customer, and those shoppers continue to decline that order, it may then be assigned to a shopper that’s at a different store branch that’s further away, driving the mileage pay up.

For this reason, I always tell gig workers not to accept low-paying offers — regardless of what gig they’re working on.

Full-Time Gig Work and Solo Parenting

Today, I’m going to talk about balancing full-time gig work and solo parenting.

If you take away anything from today’s video, make sure you’re setting realistic, achievable goals, and you are setting personal boundaries and aren’t compromising those boundaries. It will help you with your sanity in the long-run.

Do Restaurants Hate Us? Let’s Talk Food Delivery Apps Like Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes & DoorDash

Do Restaurants Hate Us? Let’s Talk Food Delivery Apps Like Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes & DoorDash.

I guess great minds think alike because  @GigLife  just made a video talking about this and on Friday, I actually spoke to someone at the LCBO and he talked about why he hated having Skip the Dishes delivering for them. I know they’re not the restaurant, but he gave me some insight into how the app operated from the store’s perspective.

Delivering Alcohol in Ontario

How to deliver alcohol in Ontario through Instacart, Cornershop, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Skip the Dishes and Runner. We’ll talk about the Smart Serve course.

Do you do alcohol deliveries in Ontario? On what app? Do you enjoy it? How did you feel about civil and criminal liability?

(Experimenting with vertical videos because I see most of you are watching on your phones. Lol.)

I’m pretty sure that you can’t do the Smart Serve course in person right now due to the pandemic, so do it online by registering here:

Also, I checked out the places where computers are available for free, and it looks like they’re all closed right now. Check back again in a week when Ontario starts lifting the lockdown.

The LCBO has paused its relationship with Skip the Dishes and it looks like The Beer Store has also paused its relationship with Cornershop.

This isn’t a sponsorship. I just think not enough people know that you can have alcohol from the LCBO (and convenience items including fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day!) delivered in Toronto and Mississauga through Runner:

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Uber Gets Sued by Instacart Over Data Scraping

Breaking news: Instacart goes after Uber in data scraping lawsuit against Cornershop.

In July of last year, Instacart sued Cornershop and its subsidiaries, for allegedly lifting thousands of images directly from Instacart’s catalog, and using it as their own.

How much money did I make on Cornershop?

Today was my first full day since Cornershop took away payment to the store and I have to say, it wasn’t bad at all!

Don’t forget that Mystery Monday is coming up. If you see a crime story on Monday, don’t freak out. I’m not just about Cornershop. Lol.

5 Reasons You Weren’t Onboarded on Cornershop

Has your onboarded been stalled? Here’s five reasons why.

If you’re interested in becoming a shopper, please use my referral link and I will definitely help you all the way through to your first 15 orders:

If you are looking to use Cornershop as a customer, use this link and you’ll receive 3 free deliveries! No membership commitment required:

I help admin the official Cornershop Shopper Canada Facebook Group:

In Canada, Cornershop operates in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta and British Columbia. They also operate in Texas and Florida in the U.S. I know there’s plans to launch in New York and California but I don’t know what the status is of that. The company started in Chile, and is huge in Latin America. I’m based out of Toronto, Ontario — Cornershop’s first major launch outside of Latin America. The operations here in Ontario are huge, so some of my experiences may not reflect those of people in newer areas.

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