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Four years ago today… #LadyBalls


Four years ago today, I took my mom to the Sunnybrook Hospital emergency room for what I suspected was a stroke.

It turned out, she had a stroke, likely as a complication of Stage IV #OvarianCancer. Two major debulking surgeries, bilateral nephrostomy bags inserted and removed, put into palliative care, removed from palliative care, no chemo, over a month of radiation treatments and one recurrence later, she’s still with us. Continue reading “Four years ago today… #LadyBalls”

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I Am With You. I Support You. I Love You. #BellLetsTalk

I wanted to make a video in support of Bell Let’s Talk Day, however, so much has happened over the past few years alone that, I couldn’t find a topic to focus on. So, I decided instead, to touch on a little bit of everything to show I how much I love and support everyone involved in mental health awareness and those that are working to end the stigma of mental illness.

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UPDATE: My mom’s cancer might be back

Most of you know my mom, Peachy, so, I figured I’d share this. On one end, we made slow but sure progress in ensuring Jason gets the right care today so, yay! On the other hand, there is blood in my mom’s urine. Coupled with her recent swollen arm and the fact she has stage IV ovarian cancer, well… um…. this is… NOT GOOD AT ALL. This is the first sign of possible cancer recurrence. Please pray for us. This is… just… wow. A horrible, horrible week.

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It Begins: From Thoracentesis to Peeing in Bags [Teal Ribbon Road Pt. 1]

It was an early Friday afternoon.

My husband and I were driving to the next town over with our then 3-year-old daughter (this was back when there were only three of us).

My mom called me on my cellphone to tell me she wasn’t feeling well.

She runs her own business so, when she’s not well, she usually sucks it up and goes to work. When she really can’t make it, she asks me for my help.

But unfortunately, at this particular moment, we were heading in another direction and likely wouldn’t be back for hours.

I asked her what was wrong.

She pretty much just summed up that she wasn’t feeling well, but couldn’t leave work or she’d fall behind.

I told her that if she thought it was serious, she should really head to the emergency room or dial 9-1-1. Continue reading “It Begins: From Thoracentesis to Peeing in Bags [Teal Ribbon Road Pt. 1]”

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2016: The good and the bad

It’s been a month since my mom finished six weeks of radiation treatment. Both her radiation and surgical team wanted to do an MRI post-treatment to see what’s happening. Like I said, it’s been a month and we haven’t heard anything from the doctors so, persistent me has resurfaced and I’ve begun the usually long and arduous game of telephone tag. Hopefully, this won’t turn into the situation last summer when someone dropped the ball and forgot to schedule my mom for surgery (I know, how unbelievable is that?!). Continue reading “2016: The good and the bad”

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The Real Precious

This was written in December 2015. An updated profile is coming.

Just like my tagline says, I’m a working wife and mom to three beautiful children. And no, I didn’t pick the name Precious Mama by chance. My real name is actually Precious.

My parents named me that after I was born completely healthy, even though doctors told them they would never be able to have children.

The past few years have been quite a ride for all of us: My step-dad passed away after being in a coma for 8 months. Shortly before his funeral, my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. She’s been fighting it for 3 years — a miracle because the survival rate for her particular diagnosis is pretty low (in addition to the grace of God, we’ve got a mix of conventional and complementary therapy, as well as diet to thank for that). My husband and I had three wonderful children (with two miscarriages in between). I had to take over my mom’s business, Organic Oven — a specialty gluten free and organic bakery. And, well… a bunch of other things I’m not quite ready to share just yet. Continue reading “The Real Precious”

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#GivingTuesday: Thank you volunteers!

We’ve all done it: Looked down at the ground when a volunteer on the street asked us whether we would be willing to donate to a good cause. There’s so many organizations out there today in need of financial support, sometimes it’s easier to ignore them than it is to pick one to donate to.

But this #GivingTuesday, I wanted to thank The Canadian Cancer Society. Without them, I’m not sure my mom would have been able to get the care she needed. Continue reading “#GivingTuesday: Thank you volunteers!”

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UPDATE: Radiation & The Teal Party

Our dearest friends! I’m sorry for not sending out more updates. I wasn’t sure how much or how little to share but I’ve got tons of great news.

First off: My mom turned 60 last weekend and we’re celebrating with a Teal Party this Sunday! It’s been a crazy month because last Saturday was my son Charlie’s birthday, we celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday, Monday was my mom’s birthday, followed by my wedding anniversary on Thursday. But fall is one of my favourite times. It means festivals and celebrations galore from now to January. I daresay, ’tis the season! 😉

Even better news: Continue reading “UPDATE: Radiation & The Teal Party”