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Music, poetry, gratitude and hell…

I wrote this the other day, and it pretty much sums up the point I want to make…

Mic drop.

I can end this post now.

Just kidding…

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Spirit of Marilyn callin’ me, audibly
Bawlin’ she, said that she would never leave
Continued to torture me
Telling me to come with her
Underneath my comforter
And she brought a gun with her
Pills and some rum with her
Tip me on the balcony
Telling me to jump with her
Yeah I’m in the ghost but I ain’t doing stunts with her
I ain’t tryna be that
Haters wanna see that
But I got ’em aggy
‘Cause I win the gold like Gabby Continue reading “#GirlOnFire”

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Soul searching…


There’s something very awkward about having a public persona.

We live in a world where people Google you after you first meet. They make assumptions about you and know tidbits about your life that are most likely, way out of context.

The publicity was necessary. I wanted to make sure Jason didn’t go to prison.

There’s a lot of things that can’t be put on the record or the judge won’t allow it to be on the record. It was important to me that our story be told so Jason could get the help he needed.

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I Am With You. I Support You. I Love You. #BellLetsTalk

I wanted to make a video in support of Bell Let’s Talk Day, however, so much has happened over the past few years alone that, I couldn’t find a topic to focus on. So, I decided instead, to touch on a little bit of everything to show I how much I love and support everyone involved in mental health awareness and those that are working to end the stigma of mental illness.

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My Facebook hiatus

I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety quite a bit in recent years. I won’t rehash all the negative things that have happened in a short amount of time because that would be counterproductive but, when things are that tough, little things that “normal people” would be able to cope with become harder to overcome.

I remember driving to work on a memorably depressing day and a voice came over the radio talking about another study proving yet again how toxic Facebook is. And yes, it’s Facebook in particular —  not necessarily all social media. One part of the report really struck me: People often use Facebook as a platform to vent their anger and release their negativity which adds to the reason why it can be so bad for people’s mental health.

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The Real Precious

This was written in December 2015. An updated profile is coming.

Just like my tagline says, I’m a working wife and mom to three beautiful children. And no, I didn’t pick the name Precious Mama by chance. My real name is actually Precious.

My parents named me that after I was born completely healthy, even though doctors told them they would never be able to have children.

The past few years have been quite a ride for all of us: My step-dad passed away after being in a coma for 8 months. Shortly before his funeral, my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. She’s been fighting it for 3 years — a miracle because the survival rate for her particular diagnosis is pretty low (in addition to the grace of God, we’ve got a mix of conventional and complementary therapy, as well as diet to thank for that). My husband and I had three wonderful children (with two miscarriages in between). I had to take over my mom’s business, Organic Oven — a specialty gluten free and organic bakery. And, well… a bunch of other things I’m not quite ready to share just yet. Continue reading “The Real Precious”