What Do I Do With All These Receipts?

What I do with all the receipts that I accumulate doing Instacart, Cornershop, Runner and several other gig apps.

Evernote is free (no, this is not a sponsorship). It’s available for Windows, Mac, iPhone OS, Android or through the browser: https://www.evernote.com/referral/Registration.action?sig=e62c8a006e61b0a4e11d49baeba3832ce4bc7429e961dc59d43392e481b2fc2e&uid=48966836

You can choose to upgrade if you want, but I’ve never paid for Evernote. The free version gives you access to your account on up to two devices.

I forgot to mention that the information is stored on the Evernote server, so it takes very little space on your device(s). They have a very robust security system, because they are used by some of the biggest companies in the world.

Lady in Red Haunts Toronto Subway Station & Hotel Vancouver

For today’s Mystery Monday, we’re going to talk about the Lady in Red who haunts the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) Lower Bay St. Subway Station and the Lady in Red who haunts Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Did you know there was a station *BELOW* Bay St. subway station? And it’s haunted? Who knew?!

Who do you think the Lady in Red in Lower Bay Station is? What’s her story?

If they open the station to the public again, would you visit?

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