NGOs for Veterans & Their Families

This page is still under construction.

If you know of any resources and initiatives that would benefit veterans and their families, please contact me and I will add it to this list. Thank you and God bless!

22KILL works to raise awareness to the suicide epidemic that is plaguing our country, and educate the public on mental health issues such as PTS. 22KILL also serves as a resource for veterans, and continues to build on its network of like-minded organizations to be able to connect veterans with programs and services in their local area. Funds raised through merchandise sales and donations are used to support partnered organizations who offer programs focusing on veteran empowerment, mental health treatment, and therapy/counseling for veterans and their families.

Brain Treatment Foundation
Brain Treatment Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support for brain health initiatives relating to treatment, rehabilitation, research and public education. The organization seeks to transform the lives of individuals suffering from the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion, children with mild to severe cognitive or neurological disorders, the elderly population dealing with physical and cognitive function decline and members of the military diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress or a Traumatic Brain Injury. The goal of Brain Treatment Foundation is to partner with treatment providers and other organizations to restore hope and provide support for people suffering from brain related health issues and their families. Through treatment, rehabilitation, research, and public education, Brain Treatment Foundation seeks to become an active agent of change in the world of brain health.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
DAV is a nonprofit charity that provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families, helping more than 1 million veterans in positive, life-changing ways each year. The organization provides more than 700,000 rides for veterans attending medical appointments and assists veterans with more than 300,000 benefit claims annually. In 2015, DAV helped attain more than $4 billion in new and retroactive benefits to care for veterans, their families and survivors.

Honor Courage Commitment
Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. focuses on 3 pillars to position — education, mentorship, community service — veterans into becoming leaders in the private sector who will ultimately create more jobs and programs to support the 240,000 – 300,000 veterans who transition out of the military every year.  HCC recruits quality candidates who can me molded into force multipliers.  HCC’s approach to solving “veteran issues” is top down by empowering the best of the best.

Mission 22
Yesterday over 20 veterans were lost to suicide. That makes the war at home more dangerous than all of our combat missions around the world. Let’s end the stigma surrounding PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. Let’s end the silence. Let’s save our veterans.

We have released 10 annual calendars that include Celebrities and Veterans posing as 1940s pin-ups! The 2017 version is our 11th edition, which we hope to release in July,  and features 25 Veterans (21 female, 4 male). To date, we have donated over $50,000 worth of state-of-the-art rehab equipment for VA & Military hospitals nationwide.  We are also in the middle of a 50-state VA and Military hospital tour where we bring in donated calendars as gifts of appreciation to our hospitalized Veterans and Wounded Warriors.  We have individually visited over 10,000 ill and injured Veterans at their bedsides in 57 VA Hospitals,  Military hospitals & State Veterans Homes in 31 states across the US. (Click on link to read more.)